King Academy

John David Custom Direct offers opportunties to young men, ages 16 and older, to learn the importance of earning money while supporting the community.  We use the capitalist system to teach life lessons, hiring young men to sell neckties and accessories. We pay on a 100% commission basis which helps instill confidence as well as being paid for performance.

This is not a program, we are teaching a lifestyle.

Our core values are simple:

1. Men are created to lead their home, community and world

2. A man must be a provider and protector of his home and community

3. A man that does not work should not eat

4. A man should take care of the widows, single moms, seniors citizens and poor

5. A man should look, act and live like a man of integrity and honor

If you have a young man looking to earn money while learning life lessons, please go to our career opportunity page and complete the requested information.