Independent Contractor Details

Career Opportunities

"The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity." Leonard Ravenhill

John David Custom is seeking highly motivated individuals who are looking to help others perfect the right image. An image consultant must enjoy building relationships with professional clients OR hosting group events.

As an independent contractor, you are responsible for the growth of your own business. Our goal is to create an income and rewarding lifestyle which helps you to accomplish your personal dreams.

Our process is simple:
1. Send resume to
2. A phone and video information session will be set by a local sales manager.

Independent contractor packages:

Package # 1 - $399.99

  • Offer custom shirts and accessories

  • 400 shirt fabrics offered (4-5 folders)

  • 1000 business cards

  • 50 Sales brochure

  • Perkins tools for shoulder incline

  • Id and password to online order system

  • Style guide and training manual

  • Online and video training

  • Merchant processing equipment for smartphone

Package # 2- $999.99

  • Offer full offerings of suit, shirt and accessories

  • 12 Total fabric folder (150-200 fabrics per folder)

  • 1000 business cards

  • 100 Sales brochures

  • Perkins tools

  • Leather travel case

  • Style manual

  • Suit Lining and trim book

  • 100 John David Info cards

  • Online id and password and access to ordering system

  • Three day one-on-one training (six hour session)

  • Weekly online and video training

  • Merchant processing equipment for smartphone

All male reps are expected to purchase 3 suits and 3 shirts within 30 days of signed agreement.  A 50% discount off retail prices are available for this initial purchase.  Order must be paid-in-full in order to process order.  These garments must meet our professional styling requirements as they are perceived as your marketing presentation of John David.

Package fee must paid with certified check or money order.